President's Update - April 2016

01 Apr 2016 2:02 PM | Anonymous
Dear Friends,


Your North Alabama Chapter for Talent Development has a lot to celebrate in 2016! We achieved a lot of great goals. Here are some of our accomplishments so far.


Next Event - April 19 with Dr. Mat Park - Build that High Performing Team

Mat's objectives for the presentation:


1) Participants will learn about the importance of having a Philosophy

2) The power of knowing your Why and letting the "Why"influence the "How" and the "What"

) Emphasize Process and Growth Mindset                       

) The importance of having GRIT 


REGISTER at Click on the EVENTS link 



 Corporate Sponsors – Ai Signal Research Inc. (ASRI), has become a Corporate Sponsor.


Strategic Partners – This is a new group we engaged last year. The ROI Institute and John Bentley with Power2Transform became Strategic Partners this year. Our Strategic Partners provide expert consultation, training to our members and/or financial support to the chapter.


Events – We kicked off our new program in March, Next Level, with MG Vinny Boles, US Army retired.

 and we partnered with the ROI Institute and REDFCU to host a one week ROI Certification Workshop

Membership – Dr. Patti Phillips, CEO of the ROI Institute became a member. We maintain a strong level of membership and have acquired new members and contacts, bringing vitality and new perspectives into our Chapter.

Communication – The chapter has a strong presence now on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We created a new website that improves our communication to our members and chapter contacts, plus increases the efficiency and effectiveness of our chapter operations.

Please visit our website to connect with us on social media and stay informed regarding Chapter News and Events.


As you can see our chapter has been busy making improvements and engaging our Talent Development friends in the Tennessee Valley. Lastly, I’d like to recognize our Board Members who do an outstanding job in achieving all these goals and making our chapter a great place to serve and volunteer.


VP of Finance – Dale Lenahan
Secretary – Nancy Hodges
VP of Marketing/Communications - John Bentley

VP of Programs – Fred Beck
Director at Large – OPEN
VP of Technology – OPEN
VP of Membership - OPEN



Interested in becoming a Chapter Member? Board Member? Guest Speaker? Corporate Sponsor? Strategic Partner? Contact me at or call 256-698-6389. We made 2015 great! We plan on making 2016 better! Visit our website on a regular basis. Our 2016 schedule is posted.


 Thank you for your support,


 Roger Kitchen Jr.
Chapter President


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