Ai Signal Research Inc Becomes a Corporate Sponsor in 2016

20 Feb 2016 5:33 PM | Anonymous



AI SIGNAL RESEARCH, INC. (ASRI) was founded in 1990 by Dr. Jen-Yi Jong to provide leading edge vibration analysis tools and services. In 1993, ASRI won its first small business competitive contract with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) to develop vibration signal analysis capabilities for the Space Shuttle Main Engine.


Since then, as a result of outstanding performance and program management, the company has expanded its customer support to include diverse engineering, programmatic and technical services to other NASA and DoD customers. 


ASRI's PC-Signal vibration analysis product family is used by NASA, DoD, and commercial aerospace firms for dynamic and propulsion system data acquisition and analysis. 


ASRI has been recognized for successful performance by MSFC with the 2002 Small Business Contractor Excellence Award for Services and was a nominee for NASA’s 2003 George M. Low Award. We also received a NASA Exceptional Space Act Award and the Marshall Space Flight Center Software of the Year Award in 2009. 



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