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  • 21 Dec 2016 7:55 AM | Anonymous

    Our chapter wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Also, we want to say Thank You for your support to ATD in 2016. The growth and success of the chapter could not have happened without our members, corporate sponsors, strategic partners, and friends.

    We are planning a sensational 2017 with exciting luncheon events and a new evening program (4 sessions) focusing on Employee Engagement. Stay tuned as we finalize all the details; an announcement will come very soon.

    Here are some highlights for our chapter this year:

    - We won Chapter of the Month in January 2016. First time achievement and recognition from ATD National.

    - We welcomed Ai Signal Research (ASRI) as a new corporate Sponsor. Huntsville Hospital and Redstone Federal Credit Union continued their support to ATD-N.AL as Corporate Sponsors.

    - The ROI Institute became a Strategic Partner and Dr. Patti Phillips, CEO of ROI Institute joined our chapter.

    - We established a relationship with Legacy Christian University so our members could receive a 15% discount on tuition.

    - ATD-N. AL members can now become members at Redstone Federal Credit Union

    - Our budget and chapter membership increased significantly with most of the growth occurring with Corporate Sponsors and college students.

    - We launched a successful evening program entitled “Next Level – How to Move Upward and Forward in your Career”.

    - We co-hosted a Human Resources event with Athens State University and the SHRM – Tennessee Valley Chapter.

    - We joined the Hispanic Business Network of North Alabama in order to serve and partner with local Hispanic business owners.

    As you can see, we were really busy and 2017 looks to be just as great. Lastly, we will have a new Board of Directors to serve the community and our members. Without their selfless service and leadership, the chapter could not function. Here is the Board of Directors for 2017:

    VP of Finance – Dale Lenahan                                                                   
    VP of Programs – Gia Giacomoni
    VP of Communications/Marketing – John Bentley
    President Emeritus – Roger Kitchen Jr.

    OPEN POSITIONS: President, Secretary, VP of Technology, VP of Membership, Director at Large

                   Finally, 2016 was my last year as the Board of Directors President. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve our chapter and membership. I appreciated all the support and encouragement I received as I served ATD. For the first time in a long time, I have not made any plans of how I will serve the community in 2017. I am staying open to new opportunities. May you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

    God Bless,

    Roger Kitchen Jr.

  • 14 Nov 2016 7:03 AM | Anonymous

    Birmingham - November 14-18,2016

    Birmingham - March 6-10,2017

    Birmingham - April 10-14,2017

    Birmingham - June 19-23,2017

    Call 256-678-8101 or email for more info

  • 04 Oct 2016 8:30 AM | Dale Lenahan (Administrator)

    Redstone is teaming up with Partners In Leadership to bring the highly sought-after

    Accountability Training® workshop to Huntsville.

    Research shows that positive personal accountability within an organization leads to

    higher job morale, greater engagement, and improved productivity. Join us for this

    award-winning workshop to learn how you can leverage the power of positive

    accountability to deliver results and transform the culture in your organization.


    To view the complete flyer information and to find out how to get Buy One Get One seats for the event, click HERE


    To register for the event, click on the link below: 


  • 22 Sep 2016 5:56 AM | Dale Lenahan (Administrator)

    If you attended our luncheon on September 20th, you experienced a great presentation from Jennifer Way on "Unleashing your Value" that was very insightful on promoting yourself. This presentation laid a great foundation on career development and what you can go to promote yourself and get the job you want. As this was a great foundation of what can be done, if you want to know more of how to accomplish your career development goals you should reserve your copy of Jennifer's book "Caffeinate Your Career" , to do so, or to find out more about the author, click the link below:



    Jennifer Way | Caffeinate Your Career

    Caffeinate Your Career. Learn More ... Career management isn't a one-time event. It's the small actions we take over the course of time that has the big impact--small ...


  • 06 Jun 2016 12:44 PM | Dale Lenahan (Administrator)


  • 01 Apr 2016 2:02 PM | Anonymous
    Dear Friends,


    Your North Alabama Chapter for Talent Development has a lot to celebrate in 2016! We achieved a lot of great goals. Here are some of our accomplishments so far.


    Next Event - April 19 with Dr. Mat Park - Build that High Performing Team

    Mat's objectives for the presentation:


    1) Participants will learn about the importance of having a Philosophy

    2) The power of knowing your Why and letting the "Why"influence the "How" and the "What"

    ) Emphasize Process and Growth Mindset                       

    ) The importance of having GRIT 


    REGISTER at Click on the EVENTS link 



     Corporate Sponsors – Ai Signal Research Inc. (ASRI), has become a Corporate Sponsor.


    Strategic Partners – This is a new group we engaged last year. The ROI Institute and John Bentley with Power2Transform became Strategic Partners this year. Our Strategic Partners provide expert consultation, training to our members and/or financial support to the chapter.


    Events – We kicked off our new program in March, Next Level, with MG Vinny Boles, US Army retired.

     and we partnered with the ROI Institute and REDFCU to host a one week ROI Certification Workshop

    Membership – Dr. Patti Phillips, CEO of the ROI Institute became a member. We maintain a strong level of membership and have acquired new members and contacts, bringing vitality and new perspectives into our Chapter.

    Communication – The chapter has a strong presence now on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We created a new website that improves our communication to our members and chapter contacts, plus increases the efficiency and effectiveness of our chapter operations.

    Please visit our website to connect with us on social media and stay informed regarding Chapter News and Events.


    As you can see our chapter has been busy making improvements and engaging our Talent Development friends in the Tennessee Valley. Lastly, I’d like to recognize our Board Members who do an outstanding job in achieving all these goals and making our chapter a great place to serve and volunteer.


    VP of Finance – Dale Lenahan
    Secretary – Nancy Hodges
    VP of Marketing/Communications - John Bentley

    VP of Programs – Fred Beck
    Director at Large – OPEN
    VP of Technology – OPEN
    VP of Membership - OPEN



    Interested in becoming a Chapter Member? Board Member? Guest Speaker? Corporate Sponsor? Strategic Partner? Contact me at or call 256-698-6389. We made 2015 great! We plan on making 2016 better! Visit our website on a regular basis. Our 2016 schedule is posted.


     Thank you for your support,


     Roger Kitchen Jr.
    Chapter President


  • 16 Mar 2016 8:40 AM | Anonymous

    Your North Alabama Chapter for Talent Development has a lot to celebrate! Local chapter members are now eligible to become members at Redstone Federal Credit Union. If you are interested please contact the Credit Union at 256-837-6110.


    Click on this link for the PDF document. 



  • 20 Feb 2016 5:33 PM | Anonymous



    AI SIGNAL RESEARCH, INC. (ASRI) was founded in 1990 by Dr. Jen-Yi Jong to provide leading edge vibration analysis tools and services. In 1993, ASRI won its first small business competitive contract with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) to develop vibration signal analysis capabilities for the Space Shuttle Main Engine.


    Since then, as a result of outstanding performance and program management, the company has expanded its customer support to include diverse engineering, programmatic and technical services to other NASA and DoD customers. 


    ASRI's PC-Signal vibration analysis product family is used by NASA, DoD, and commercial aerospace firms for dynamic and propulsion system data acquisition and analysis. 


    ASRI has been recognized for successful performance by MSFC with the 2002 Small Business Contractor Excellence Award for Services and was a nominee for NASA’s 2003 George M. Low Award. We also received a NASA Exceptional Space Act Award and the Marshall Space Flight Center Software of the Year Award in 2009. 



    2001 Nichols Drive, S.W., Suite 300
    Huntsville, AL 35802-4717

    tel: +1 (256) 551-0008
    fax: +1 (256) 551-0099 

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