So You Want to be a Manager (Supervisor) Part 1: internal recruiting and employee transition to managing others.

  • 18 Feb 2020
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • 220 Wynn Drive Redstone Federal Credit Union, Atrium


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Speaker: Dale Lenahan

Dale has worked for over 15 years in Personnel Development and management training in multiple industries. He has worked throughout the south/southeast/southwest, developing employees to advance within companies into management and training positions. His work has included instituting internal evaluation process and training processes to assist employees in improving areas of opportunities. He has a strong philosophy of strong communication and transparency with employees and trainees. He emphasizes with trainees that "tough discussions" are part of the job and gives them tools to help them with these discussions when they are necessary. 

Dale has trained employees to advance but has also worked with new managers on developing their employees for the next level of their careers. Dale impresses on managers to be truthful and honest in performance reviews, constant communications with employees and how to find tools to improve employee performance. His work with managers on how  Discipline can be a valuable evaluation and developmental tool for employees. Using discipline as a positive with employees in many circumstances can quickly improve and possibly advance an employee in career. 

Dale has a B.S. with a Double Major in Business Management and Human Resource Management from Athens State University. Is a SHRM-CP certified professional. He has been a Board Member for ATD of North Alabama sine 2014 in a variety of positions, including President, VP of Technology and VP of Finance. 

Current employees area a great source for recruiting and filling positions, but may not be the best suited for the job. Many managers look to promote employees from within due to employee's understanding of the company and the work, but may not understand the requirements of the position. 

Current employees may apply for a position that supervises others and believe they could fill the position, but do not fully understand what may be required. Employees may believe that they can do their current job and supervising others on the job but are not prepared to manage others. 


This presentation will address what managers should consider when recruiting existing employees and the pros and cons of recruiting from within. Discussion of the Do's and Don'ts for manager that will eliminate the possibility of promoting an unqualified employee, but also losing that high performing employee due to negligent hiring. This can also open the manager and company liable for tortious acts of that employee. 


Presentation will also discuss what employee candidates should consider in applying for a supervisory position. Employees also have a Do and Don't list to review to assure that they will be able to perform the job requirements and what questions they should ask if being recruited for an internal position. 

Learning Objectives: 

Managers objectives:

  • Tools to use in evaluating employees for advancement
  • Discipline as a training tool for advancement
  • How to engage employees in their own advancement 

Employee Objectives

  • Understanding the levels of management progression
  • How advancement may affect relations with co-workers
  • using performance reviews and discipline as a tool to advance

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