Networking as a Leadership Skill

  • 21 Apr 2015
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Redstone Federal Credit Union


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Meaghan Chitwood, President, Business Network International (BNI), North Alabama, and Former Chevron Executive

Meaghan is widely recognized as a Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Business Networking Expert. In addition to her expertise in these areas, she’s also a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and holds a Civil Engineering degree from Auburn University.

She started her career working for big oil as an engineer, where she learned to work with many types of people and the importance of processes. Taking this experience into the small business world gives Meaghan a unique set of skills she applies to small business marketing and operations.

All this means is, she has a knack for taking complex issues and reducing them down to the simplest, most teachable processes while gaining buy-in from key stakeholders and decision makers.   
Meaghan shares her favorite Networking Story:
"When I first joined BNI as a business coach, I was coming from the construction field and my wardrobe showed it. A fellow BNI member pulled me aside and said she couldn't refer me to her best customers because I didn't look professional enough to fill the part as a business coach (I was also 24 years old). She took me shopping, told me how to do my hair and make-up. At the next BNI meeting, everyone was blown away at how professional I looked. My little change made me so referable that another fellow BNI member invested the money so I could become the Executive Director. What was he thinking! LOL."  
Event Description: Meaghan will discuss Networking as a Leadership Skill. She will discuss the "What and Why" of Networking. 
What is Networking? 
It is NOT What You Know! It is NOT Who You Know! It is NOT How Well You Know Them! It IS who or what they know AND how effectively you can access those contacts or that knowledge that makes the difference. Networking is ALL ABOUT building strong relationships so that you can motivate other people to help you get what you want. 
Topics to cover: 
üWhat is Networking 
üWhy Networking? 
üTop Traits of Effective Networkers 
ü“Who do I Network With?” 
üPractical Tips for Working a Room 
üNetworking Types 
üNetworking Pool of Success 

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