Re-Patterning Culture

  • 31 Mar 2015
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Redstone Federal Credit Union--REDSTONE ROOM


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Is your organization planning or experiencing major change? Rapid growth, innovation, mergers, acquisitions, a radically new vision, and innovative technologies are but a few of the many change drivers that may be impacting your workplace. Change of this magnitude affects roles and processes and significantly disrupts culture. As a collection of people, an organization is a living system. Its cultural norms are formed as the result of identifiable motivational patterns, which are expressed through its distinct cultural personality. Cultural change alters the organization’s pattern makeup, disturbs norms, and often triggers negative reactions in its members. Some people resist change, regardless of how beneficial it may be. But, for many, personal and cultural pattern misalignment brought on by change often diminishes their natural motivation. The new vision for the future simply does not inspire the same sense of personal meaning. The uncertainty accompanying change also triggers or intensifies negative morale issues causing decreased performance that can result in change program failures. These are factors underlying the chaos of cultural change that are seldom addressed.

During this presentation, you will:                                                                                                    

  •         Learn how cultural patterns form and influence the development of norms

  •          Review a conceptual model that describes distinct cultural personality types and each type’s propensity toward specific negative morale  patterns

  •          Discover how it is possible for an organization to re-pattern its culture and simultaneously enable its people to develop personally during the process

  •         Engage in a brief exercise to identify indicators of your organization’s cultural personality type


About our Speaker:


Dr. Donna Stone-Reed

After a successful career managing software development, Dr. Stone-Reed gained her initial experience in cultural change and transformation while designing and facilitating management and organization development programs at IBM Silicon Valley Software Lab in California. After IBM, she spent five years as an external OD consultant, corporate management workshop facilitator, and academic instructor of topics in her field in Silicon Valley, CA. She is past president of ASTD, Silicon Valley Chapter. After relocating to the south, she served as director of executive education in the school of business and director of change management for a university-wide technology change project at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. She is the author of Re-Patterning Culture – a Blueprint for Successful Organizational Change, written as a guide for change leaders and practitioners. She currently resides with her husband in Huntsville, AL. 


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