Guidelines for Presenters

When providing the program at the monthly chapter meeting, the presenter shall not use his or her presentation to solicit business or to sell products or services. In general, the tone of monthly programs shall be one of sharing expertise and experience, not of "Here is how I can help you."


The board of directors may exempt presenters from this guideline in the case of unique or groundbreaking products or services if the board deems the presentation to be of general interest.

Recognizing that one of the primary reasons for companies and individuals to join ATD chapters is to become acquainted with presenters, products, and services or to meet people who may need products or services, the chapter shall encourage networking and showcasing through ice breakers, publications, and special programs. Monthly program presenters are expected to rely on their area of expertise, but their presentations shall address generic topics, not their specific services or products.

The monthly program presenter may bring brochures, business cards, or similar sales materials, but may only place such materials on a table by the door so that attendees may pick them when attendees enter or exit the room where the presentation is being made. The presenter shall not place brochures, business cards, or similar sales materials at every seat before his or presentation or distribute such materials during or after a presentation. Book signings may be held after the meeting. A table for sale of literature may be permitted.

Example: TopNotch is a provider of specialized training tools. TopNotch would not be allowed to demonstrate their products during a monthly program presentation. If a local or well-known company had achieved training or development success with TopNotch products, their experience (in using or implementing a TopNotch program) would be an appropriate program topic. In addition, a TopNotch presenter could present on the subject of trends and tools, understanding how and why to apply specific technology, or the latest research results. The introduction of the presenter could identify TopNotch as a leading provider of its services or products, as well as the presenter's subject matter expertise.

Local members shall be given first priority in presenting topics in their fields. If several members offer competing services, care should be exercised in arranging programs in their fields. Competitors may serve on a panel or be given opportunities to present from another perspective.

The chapter shall provide showcase opportunities where samples of training and products may be demonstrated for the local community. The rules on brochures, business cards, and other sales material shall not apply to these presentations. The purpose of these presentations is to allow potential consumers of training products or services to see and hear providers.

The program chair is responsible for communicating these guidelines to prospective presenters and bringing any exceptional cases or requests to the board before scheduling a program.

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