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How Does My Company Become a Corporate Member?


A corporate membership needs to be handled through an invoice generated by the chapter VP of Finance and is not handled through an online process in order to verify that it is a true Corporate membership.


 An ATDNAL Corporate membership requires the following items:

1. Five (5) people minimum at the company seeking membership.

2. The cost of the membership is $40 per person.

3. The name and company email address of each person who will be receiving  a corporate membership.

4. The authorized company representative (usually a Manager) who can approve and sign the invoice and see that a Company check is issued to ATDNAL for the full amount. 




As a Local Chapter Member, Can I Bring a Guest?


Yes, you are allowed to bring one guest at a reduced cost of $15.


The Guest registration event fee is $15 under the following conditions:


1. Each ATDNAL member is allowed to bring one (1) Guest to an event.

2. The Guest must be registered for the event by the ATDNAL member.

3. The Guest must be registered at the same time that the ATDNAL member registers on the website.

4. The person named as a Guest cannot be a Guest at any future ATDNAL events, by any other ATDNAL member.

5. A past Guest who wishes to attend any future ATDNAL events

must pay the Non-Member registration event fee unless the  Guest becomes a member of the ATDNAL chapter and then they may pay the member rate for the event. 




If I am Member of ATD National am I Automatically a Member of the Local Chapter?


In short, the answer is "No". Per ATD National, national membership does not guarantee local chapter membership. Even if a person is a National ATD member, it does not automatically make him/her a local member. Local Chapters charge a membership fee as a way to offer local chapter benefits and to raise operating funds. It is expected for a National ATD member to pay the local chapter membership fee.


If you have any questions, please contact





What is the ChIP Program and How Does it Benefit the Local Chapter?


You may have noticed the ChIP 9022 code in the lower right corner of our home page. Why is this significant? This is the Chapter Incentive Program code that benefits our chapter. Each chapter of ATD have their own code which benefits that chapter financially.  If a member decides to become a national member as well as a chapter member, which will make them a POWER MEMBER, when they use this code to register nationally, the chapter will receive incentive money. If a member buys training or other materials from the TD store the chapter will also receive money from their purchase. This money can be used to improve events, fund additional functions and benefit members by helping us improve our chapter.


If you click on the ChIP9022 logo on our home page this will take you to the National ATD store where you can purchase materials and become a National member. Just be sure to include our ChIP code 9022 when you check out so the chapter and our members can benefit.


We encourage you to click the logo and check out what materials and National member or Power Member benefits can offer. If you do purchase don't forget the code 9022.   




Am I Guaranteed a Lunch for Each Event?


In our efforts to provide a lunch for each person attending, we must provide the caterers with an accurate headcount so we respectfully request you register by the Thursday before the event. Although registration is open through the day of the event, if you do not register by 5pm on the Thursday before the event, a lunch cannot be guaranteed for you the day of the event. 




What is ATD?

Founded in 1943 as ASTD (American Society for Training & Development), ATD is the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals. ASD’s members come from more than 100 countries and connect locally in more than 130 U.S. chapters and with more than 30 international partners. Members work in thousands of organizations of all sizes, in government, as independent consultants, and suppliers.

Why should I join?

Visit our Membership Benefits page for more information.

How do I join?

Visit our Membership page for information and application.

When does the North Alabama chapter meet?

Times and dates vary per year based on our program schedule. Email the chapter for the most up to date schedule. ALSO Join our LinkedIn Group (Association for Talent Development - North Alabama), "Like" our Facebook Page, and follow us on Twitter @atdnorthalabama. Icons are at the bottom of the page.

How do I become a Board Member?

Visit our Board Job Postions page for information about becoming a leader in our chapter through board membership.

How do I volunteer?

Contact the chapter at

How do I become a presenter?

  1. Review our Guidelines for Presenters
  2. Complete the Speaker Request form.
  3. Submit the Speaker Request form to



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