Head Hunter Challenge 2020

12 Dec 2019 8:41 AM | Dale Lenahan (Administrator)

The chapter is initiating a "Head Hunter" challenge this year to build membership and increase awareness with businesses and the community about what ATD can offer. If we gain members, Great!   If we educate a guest about what our organization does and how we can benefit, companies, manager, employees and their customers, THATS EVEN BETTER!!

Here's how it works: 

If a member brings a guest to a Luncheon (or evening event) they AND the guest get to put their names into the drawing bowl that will be at every meeting. If the guest becomes a member they get to enter their name again AND the person that brought them as a guest also gets to enter their name again. This will go on through the entire year (we are planning a luncheon each month on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, that 11 Chances to enter). Evening events will get you 2 entries per member and guest. 

Guest can only attend once as a guest. Guest can only be a guest with 1 member, if they attend more than once they will have to pay the non-member rate for the luncheon, and not be able to enter the drawing. (members and guests, who are potential members).

December 8th will be out Charity support luncheon where members and guests can bring donation to our selected Charity in lieu of paying for lunch, the chapter will pay for lunches. We will draw for up to $1000 in gift cards and prizes. You must be present to win and you will only be allowed to win once. 

If a member recruits a speaker for any of the open luncheon dates, they can enter their name 3 times for the drawings. 

December 8th (2nd Tuesday of the month) will be the drawing where you must be present to win. This is for 2 reasons: 

1. This gives everyone 11 chances during the year to be entered into the drawing, because we know everyone may not be able to attend all events. 

2. This helps increase attendance and donations to the selected charity to help benefit the organization we vote to support. 

We hope that everyone will think of at least 1 person you can bring as a guest to get our organization and mission better known in the community. We think this will be a great opportunity for out chapter to grow and assist with businesses, employees within our community. 

Look forward to meeting all the guests our members will introduce to the chapter this coming year. 

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